THE INVISIBLE MAN is a horror/science fiction
screen adaptation of H.G. Wells’ master piece with 3D effects.
The Invisible Man Trilogy:
1 The Invisible Man, The Oxford Killings (the prequel)
2 The Invisible Man, A Killing Rampage
3 The Invisible Man, The Reign of Terror

Edward Griffin is a brilliant scientist and dedicated university professor living during the Victorian England. He has a successful career, a beautiful home and a long time fiancee, Laura. In order to test his theory of refractive light, he experiments with chemical formulas he has created in the university laboratory. But after a horrific accident that leaves him permanently disfigured, his life dramatically takes a turn for the worse. The drugs he tests have adverse side effects, and he becomes invisible. In an effort to reverse the condition, he continues to abuse the lethal chemicals but then develops a psychosis. He then escapes to a small town to consult his colleague Dr. Kemp for the antidote to his condition. A series of gruesome murders occurs and the town’s police chief, Colonel Adye and the inspector from Scotland Yard target Griffin as their main suspect. His reign of terror violently erupts as The Invisible Man begins his killing rampage, brutally murdering one victim after the other and constantly eluding the law.


SNOW WHITE AND THE DARK QUEEN is a dark Gothic version of the classic fairy tale.It is a story about jealous love, betrayal and revenge. After a series of mysterious deaths in the monarchy, a wicked Queen rules the land during the dark ages. Snow White is the rightful heiress to the throne, but lives her life as a peasant girl with her evil stepmother, unaware of her status. After years of chores, Snow White runs away, and meets Sean, a handsome woodsman. They fall in love, much to the Queen’s jealousy. Out of revenge, the Queen then calls upon the spirits from the Other world to do her evil with sorcery. Sean then fights the demons, the mythical beasts that stand in his path. A battle of good against evil emerges and Sean fights to win the heart of Snow White and free his men.

THE EVERGREEN FOREST is a medieval tale, based on Celtic mythology and folklore. Live action with 3D mythic creatures and effects. It is a story of courage over tyranny, of myth and magic, of good against evil. A group of Celtic peasants rebel against the Crown’s eviction and fight for their freedom. Erin, a Celtic warrrior leads his men through a courageous journey through a mystic forest, battling nature’s elements, dark forces and mythic creatures from the Other world. After he is confronted by an old wizard, the Spirit of the Woods, his quest is to find the sacred sword of empowerment. While alone in the woods, Erin discovers a lovely young woman, Ciara, a shape shifter, a fallen angel who uses her magic to change his ways. However, in an effort to destroy Ciara’s power, the Queen uses sorcery and calls upon the demons of the Other world. Mythic creatures and shape shifters such as a dragon, a serpent, a giant ogre, a unicorn, winged wolves, cats, ravens and banshees come to life. All become allies or enemies in a battle of good against evil. Erin rises to the challenge, slays the beasts and with his courage leads his men to victory and freedom.

A HORSE TALE  is a horse adventure, an animated feature suitable for children and family audiences. It is is about friendship, love, courage, challenges and coming of age. In Montana a group of young horses migrate through the terrain in search of adventure. Jessie, a young stallion meets Sky a young mare, who becomes his love interest. They embark on a journey that challenges their courage and changes their lives. In their travels the horses brave the elements of nature, take enormous risks, encounter predators all with the will to survive. All the while, Said, an older dark Arabian horse, attempts to sabotage their relationship, to claim the mares and dominate the herd. As the young horses travel through the rough terrain and  encounter the challenges, they share an incredible journey and an adventure of a life time.